5 Types of Patio Covers for Outdoor Living H3 Outdoors

5 Types of Patio Covers for Outdoor Living

Installing a beautiful patio cover helps to complement the style of your outdoor living space. Thanks to the numerous types of patio cover available. You can now enjoy more time outdoors with your family, even when it’s drizzling or the sun is shining.

What are the best types of covers to consider for your patio?

With several patio covers on the market, you may have trouble picking the best option. The bottom line is to choose a patio cover that complements your style and home architecture. However, you must consider the purpose of the patio space.

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  1. Awnings
  2. Pergolas
  3. Canopies
  4. Gazebos
  5. Roof Extensions

1) Awnings

These patio cover materials can provide extra shade to make your outdoor living more comfortable for your family. In addition, awnings can protect you from harsh weather conditions, like sunlight, protecting you from harmful UV rays. Thankfully, there are two types of awnings: static and retractable.

2) Pergolas

Pergolas can be perfect additions to your outdoor space if you love to experience nature and your garden’s beauty. You can cover pergolas with climbing plants, such as roses, honeysuckle, passion flower, or wisteria. As a result, these will make your patio or backyard more beautiful and functional.

3) Canopies

You can improve your home’s curb appeal by installing canopies on your patios. These patio covers are an excellent way to make your surroundings more festive, especially if you love hosting outdoor events. However, how you install them depends on your preferences. The good news is that these patio covers can last for years.

4) Gazebos

Gazebos are outdoor structures with raised walls and floors. It has a pitched roof that provides complete protection from the elements. The good news is that you can install these structures anywhere in your backyard. However, installing them needs an expert.

5) Roof Extensions

Roof additions are a form of home additions and can open or close completely. Besides, they can be a perfect patio cover for an outdoor kitchen to protect you and your cooking appliances from bad weather. You can use roofing materials such as aluminum patio covers to extend the roof extension’s lifespan.

Finding Professional Patio Cover Design & Construction

Now that you know some patio covers, you need to select an option that suits your needs and your home’s architecture. You can also consider other options, like vinyl patio covers for better weather resistance. Wood patio covers are also viable when installed by a professional design and construction company.

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