Popular Outdoor Deck Features for Bryan, Tx Homes H3 Outdoors

Popular Outdoor Deck Features for Bryan, TX Homes

Do you have a basic backyard? Are you interested in taking it from an uninteresting, wasted space, to a versatile hangout spot? That’s our specialty! We have put together a comprehensive list of features that you can add to take your backyard to the next step. 

With so many outdoor living options available, it is essential to understand the different features and amenities of these latest outdoor additions. This is why we are introducing these must-have features to enhance your space in Bryan, TX.  

 1. Deck and Accent Lighting

Light decking ideas are a top choice among composite decking accessories for good reason. It adds style and a warm atmosphere to any outdoor space, keeping it lively long after sunset. As building a deck is an investment, deck lighting enhances both its value and usefulness.

Adding lighting to your deck brings personality to your outdoor haven. It sets a welcoming mood for gatherings and ensures safety for all. You can choose between low-voltage or solar deck lighting options.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

Your deck’s size and layout could make it ideal for an outdoor kitchen. Apart from boosting your home’s value—properties with outdoor kitchens often sell for nearly 30% above expectations—this addition offers several other advantages. These include convenient and efficient food preparation, reduced energy bills, and enhanced cooking convenience.

3. Covered Porch or Pergola

Don’t allow the intense summer sun to force you inside! Embrace the outdoors and maximize your outdoor space with a pergola. Create a beautiful shade retreat with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Stay cool all day long with your own outdoor shade oasis. A pergola not only keeps an area shady and cool, but can also have fans, house an outdoor kitchen, and include extra lighting. Whatever you like to do in your backyard, a pergola is a perfect addition for you!

4. Fire Pits

Nothing beats the cozy ambiance of a crackling fire pit on your deck, surrounded by loved ones and good food. Having a fire pit ensures your outdoor evenings are warm and inviting, especially in colder seasons.

Though fire pits elevate your deck’s atmosphere, they come with risks. It’s crucial to prioritize safety to minimize fire hazards. Consider hiring a professional deck contractor to handle the installation and ensure safety measures are in place.

5. Deck Designs & Inlays

Looking to infuse your deck with style and creativity? Consider adding a decking inlay. An inlay, made of deck boards with varying colors or orientations to form a design or pattern, can elevate the visual appeal of composite decking, adding decorative flair. Installing an inlay requires technical expertise, so it’s best to entrust it to a professional.

Incorporating an inlay allows you to play with multiple colors in your composite decking design, achieving a custom and distinctive appearance. Beyond sparking conversation, this contrast can seamlessly unify the entire deck’s aesthetic.

6. Privacy Screens

Decks offer intimate spaces meant for enjoying time with loved ones, but that intimacy is lost when your deck is fully exposed to the neighborhood. That’s where a privacy screen comes into play.

A privacy screen creates a barrier between your deck and the outside world. Not only does it shield your outdoor moments from prying eyes, but it also adds style and enhances the appearance of your deck. Luckily, there are various pattern and design options to choose from.

Depending on the type you select, a privacy screen can serve multiple purposes, such as providing wind resistance, shade, UV protection, childproofing, and even acting as a decorative element.

7. Underdecking

An excellent, budget-friendly way to add an extra room to your family’s home is by installing a DIY deck drainage system under upper-level decks. These systems are attached between the deck joists of second-story decks, directing rainwater and dew away from the deck and out to gutters.

By creating a beautiful finished ceiling for the lower-level patio, deck drainage systems allow you to enjoy sitting outside during light rain showers while staying dry and cozy until the sun returns! You can choose the deck ceiling style that matches your home’s aesthetics.

In addition, there are a few extra features that underdecking provides as an optional bonus. 

  • Ceiling fans or lighting
  • Incorporate a TV or projector
  • Install a complete outdoor kitchen
  • Create comfortable seating areas
  • Relax and enjoy a hot tub
  • Expand your storage space

8. Built-In Seating

What’s a deck without a spot to sit and unwind? Good seating is essential for every deck, and built-in seating is even better. Not only does it save you trips to furniture stores, but it’s also a creative way to enhance your outdoor space. 

With built-in seating, you can explore a variety of bench ideas, from L-shaped or curved benches to backless or cushioned options. Plus, your built-in benches can double as storage units and planters, adding a touch of greenery to your deck.

Imagine your outdoor space with these visually appealing deck features. Can you see it coming to life? Envision all the fun and intimate moments you can share with family and friends. Now, it’s time to transform your deck into a sanctuary you’ll adore with Decked Out Builders.

Start Your Deck Project with H3 Outdoors

Even just one of these incredible features can transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis and hangout spot. Whether you like watching football with the guys, sunbathing with the ladies, entertaining young families, or just want your own paradise, these are some doable and transformative options for your space.

Here at H3 Outdoor Design, we seek to make ourselves available to you as a resource for any questions about your outdoor space. Reach out to us with your questions or for a quote!

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