Make your dream outdoor oasis a reality with a custom outdoor living design tailored to your needs.



Each step of our detailed design process ensures an outdoor living space that exceeds your expectations.



Enhance your backyard entertainment area with custom firepits, arbors, pergolas, lighting design, and more.



H3 Outdoor Design & Construction

H3 Outdoor Design & Construction was founded to provide superior outdoor living areas to customers who value style and quality. Our projects enhance customers’ lifestyles and include new construction, additions, and repairs/restorations. We build outdoor rooms of all kinds, from patios, porches, coverings, roofs, pergolas, arbors, decks, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens & bars, seating areas, pool additions, and anything related to your outdoor living experience. We build the best outdoor spaces in the Lone Star State!
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We’re passionate about giving you different options to choose from. Customize your backyard with one of our custom outdoor living services.




Most projects average 3-4 weeks. For an overview of what to expect from your project, view Our Process.

Our project designers create and submit plans, and then oversee the permit review process. If any details might be unclear, they'll communicate with the city plan reviewer to make sure they fully understand what we're trying to achieve in your project.

We don't provide a warranty for cracking, checking, raising, or settling of concrete or stone work due to soil instability in our working area. It's advised to maintain consistent soil moisture around the concrete to minimize movement.


For newly sealed concrete, the sealer usually lasts 2-4 years, depending on traffic and sunlight. Ongoing maintenance, including cleaning and resealing, is necessary. Water spots, appearing as "white" areas in textured concrete, can often be removed with soap and water. However, we don't offer a warranty for sealer fade, spotting, or deterioration.

Arbors and covered porches are covered by 2 years of workmanship. We ensure the wood is in good condition when installed. However, natural changes like checking, splitting, cracking, splintering, and shrinking are not covered by the warranty. Since wood is affected by factors we can't control, we won't cover any issues caused by lack of staining, improper watering, drought, freezing, insect damage, or abuse. If any of these happen, the warranty is no longer valid.

Each project we undertake is custom-designed and built, tailored to your unique needs.  Our outdoor living projects usually cost between $20,000 and $50,000 on average.

We utilize a mix of in-house employees and a small group of subcontractors that we have built relationships with over the years.

Yes, we have financing options available. If you're interested in learning more about how we can transform your outdoor space, we invite you to Request a Consult. Our team will be happy to discuss your vision, provide more details about financing, and guide you through the process.

We ask homeowners to choose and buy their ceiling fans since they are personal preferences. Our quoted price covers the assembly and installation of the fans. If we're installing 'Can Style' lights, we provide the fixture, and it's already included in the quoted price.


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